Transfer of BATs from Brave to Uphold has stopped since 3 months

I am reporting an issue with the BAT transfer from pc to Uphold Wallet. It worked for several months, but now (since 3 months) this transfer is not anymore performed automatically.
Is there a way to do that manually? Or a way to fix this? I still see the uphold wallet is verified and connected but now I do not (anymore) receive BATs from this pc.

Thank you in advance


How many devices have you connected to the Uphold Account?

Even count the ones which were used by you in the past (Even if you don’t use them anymore)

They are 3, all of them are PCs.

Did you update their OS?

I still receive them from 2 out of 3. From 1 I do not, what should I update?

No, from OS I mean like, did you ever update from Windows 8 to 10.

Or even from Windows to Linux, etc.

No, any of them. I still have the same version. No updates have been done.

Hmm, this is weird then.

Were you able to Claim Rewards from this exact Laptop in the past?

Yes, absolutely. This is happening only since 3 months, but before I never had such kind of issue, everything was going automatically.

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@Mattches Look into this issue, it doesn’t look like he has exceeded the 4-Device Limit.

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Yes yes, I confirm. Only 3 devices (also in the past) are connected to the Wallet.
And in a month I won’t have this pc anymore so I am in a hurry to find a solution transferring manually the remaining BAT.
Thank you

Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page so that I can take a closer look?

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I did, please let me know if you can manage something about it.

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I’m going to keep this topic alive by saying that I have NEVER received any payment in the 2+ years I’ve been using Brave. I’ve made sure the browser is connected to my Uphold wallet, but the BATs just keep accumulating in my Brave wallet. It may be because I am on a mac?


@atoledo same, just accumulating in Brave but not sending to Uphold anymore which was happening in the first months. Still waiting for response after sending direct message with requirements. somebody needs to fix this obvious crap.

I am having a similar problem, earnings of 10-20 coins a month for past 3-4 months and only receiving 10% max of the payout.

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can I also have this done, i have a similar problem

I am having the same issues. No BAT transferred since March.


Anyone in this thread with this issue, please send me a DM with the wallet Payment ID found in your brave://rewards-internals page? Please include a link to this thread somewhere in the DM so I know you were directed from here.

@Mattches i sent a DM to someone who requested this last week about my unpaid BAT to Uphold since March, no response!

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