Brave browser not sending bat tokens to uphold wallet

Hi, I verified my brave uphold wallet on my phone last month and then verified it on my laptop (windows), but I have only been receiving my bat tokens from my phone brave browser and not from my laptop,

Could you tell me what I should do?

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Some more info would be needed, but did you verify your laptop July 1st or after? And also payments are still being processed so maybe it just has not arrived yet for the laptop.

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Hi, I verified in June the uphold wallet on my phone and then on my laptop, I’m receiving bat from my phone but not my laptop, Brave Rewards on the laptop shows there is 6.25 bat there but it has not been sent to the uphold wallet, I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the wallets but it didn’t work

What I do not understand is why I am seeing the 8.567 there but when you disconnect the wallet it reverts back to 6.250 . Unless you took that screenshot before you reconnected it. Because from what I understand you received 2.317 BAT on mobil and 6.25 on laptop. Those added together equal the 8.657. So maybe it is some rendering issue that has not reflected yet? You should wait it out a few days as it is the weekend and payouts are still processing, and on Monday try and reach out to @steeven or @Mattches to see what they say.

Yeah, the wallet is accepting both the mobile and laptop brave rewards but only sending the mobile tokens, as uphold and the mobile brave rewards tokens are showing correct , Could it be a syncing issue?

I have attach another screenshot with timestamp


+ 6.250

@1rule are you sure the payments you received in jul 08 and 09 were both from your mobile wallet?

Yes, I’m sure the payments came from mobile because of uphold and the brave rewards on the phone because of the pending amounts, the math does not make sense 0.977 bat for 64 ads (mobile) & 3.077 bat for 72 ads (laptop). The amount of bat received for both mobile and laptop doesn’t add up (2.317).

I have been using the brave browser since last year and verified it in June

but now I don’t honestly know because all the transactions just say received from Brave International, I think I should disconnect one wallet and see next month what happens or do you have any ideas on what I should do?

My last BAT received was back in April

I just want to give a update regarding what a previous user said about creating a brave creators account and send your tokens. That method worked
brave creators
bat creators
though I will have to wait till next month but thank you!

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