Only receiving partial Brave Rewards

I have been earning Brave Rewards on my laptop and pc, but have only received BAT from my laptop in my Uphold account. The balance in my laptop Brave Rewards equals the Uphold balance, but none of my pc Brave Rewards are showing up in Uphold.

Here is a screenshot from my laptop:

Screenshot of my Uphold account

Screenshot of Brave Rewards from pc

Both wallets on laptop and pc are verified with the same Uphold account, but only BAT earned on laptop is showing up in the Uphold account.

is your brave pc up to date?
have you tried disconnect/reconnect the wallet from your pc from uphold?

if you go to brave://rewards-internals, if it is correctly connected you should see this


Thank you for your reply, JohnDproof.

Yes, Brave has been updated on both the PC and laptop.

Thanks for the internals link, I get the following for laptop and PC:
Brave Internals Laptop
Brave Internals PC

Wallet status is verified on both devices, but wallet is only capturing laptop rewards. Should I still try disconnecting/reconnecting the PC from Uphold?

Thanks for your help.

mmm when did you verified your desktop walllet?

My original desktop wallet was verified at least a year ago. Around July 2020, I replaced my old desktop. I was consistently receiving BAT payments for my phone, laptop, and pc until about 5 months ago when I started to only receive one payment. Also, the monthly amount of BAT has been reduced by quite a bit.

Have you verified more than 4 wallets with the same uphold account? I ask because the limit is permanent, this means that even if you disconnect one wallet the “slot” will be permanently occupied and while you can link more wallets, those will not send the bats to uphold

That’s a good question and that policy limiting 4 wallets doesn’t seem too readily available. Had I known, I would have kept better track, but as far as I can recall, once on my laptop, twice on PC because I upgraded to new PC, and twice on my android (phone was running slow so I uninstalled Brave and reinstalled it recently). So by my count, that would be 5 total, but the BAT payments had reduced to only the laptop months before I reinstalled Brave on my android phone.

well dude, I think I spent all my possibilities, lets call @steeven maybe he knows better what could be done here

Thanks, JohnDproof for walking me through the various checks, I do appreciate it. I hope can dig deeper to resolve this.

I received a reply from steeven and he referred to this thread for fix

I’m stuck at the part that instructs you to disconnect and reconnect your Uphold wallet.

When I go to, I cannot find the option to disconnect from Uphold wallet. The only option I can find is disconnecting from Brave Rewards. Is that the same thing? Do I need to backup my BAT before disconnecting?

@Rottyfan not in uphold, here:

Thanks, JohnDproof. Not sure how long it’s supposed to take to resolve, but still no go.

dude what if i recently linked my uphold account to brave browser then i uninstall it? later on i linked it on 10 profiles without knowing only 4 is the limit but now i disconnected the 6 and stick with 4 profiles. tho i received only 4x .25bat out of 2.5bat each four profiles.

@JohnDproof I checked rewards-internals on my PC and it it shows “Rewards BAT: 0 BAT” but I also have a screenshot of my PC rewards that shows that I should have received 137BAT (didnt receive payment for from Jan/Feb/and now march) and it keeps accumulating. I have Brave install on 3 devices, I will disconnect/remove my laptop though hearing that there is a 4-install limit.

screenshot of PC rewards-internal showing 0 BAT (taken 4/8/2021)

screenshot of PC rewards brave rewards center showing 137 BAT (taken 4/1/2021)

and here is the transaction sent to uphold that add up to 2.56 BAT (screenshot taken 4/8/2021)

I just de-activited and re-activated my Uphold wallet with brave on my PC, so hopefully that fixes it but I’d like to know how to keep having to reach out to you guys each month.

Also, back in march @steeven said that a Fix would be deployed that should resolve this but it still hasnt. here is that thread:

I followed the above instructions for my BAT to drain to Uphold and as of today nothing has changed. The BAT I have earned on my pc appears to still be confined to my browser.

Here is a screenshot of the rewards setting:

What exactly does “It’s available for you to spend exclusively on this browser” mean? Is there a way for me to manually transfer my BAT balance to Uphold?

The support team asks you to send a DM, but then they will not reply or provide any support. At this point people should consider Brave Rewards Program and any pretend efforts by support to “fix” the problem as fraudulent and a complete sham.

Also, if the problem is ever solved, expect BAT prices to be far below what you’re expected. Which according to many discussions on Reddit may be their plan.

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