Issue with the email about changes to verified creator - saying not eligible but I am


I got a email as well as saw the pinned post about changes to verified creators in certain countries.
Trying to find out if the email is wrong (most likely) or if the website is wrong that says which countries are eligible.

I am in a supported region, UK, as per this updated guide.

I have seen others who are also in the UK or USA and in a supported region, but we seem to have been sent an email that says we are not eligible.

My pages even still show as verified too.

I got the email it clearly says this part which was highlighted to say it looks like I am in a unsupported region.
(I didn’t make that part bold, it was like that in the email)

I read that part as it is saying I am in a unsupported region, as do many others who got the same email.

Although you’ve already connected a custodial account to your Brave Creators account, it looks like you’re in an unsupported region for your selected custodian. As a result, your channels won’t appear as verified for the time being. However, the moment your country does become supported, your channels will automatically appear as verified again.

But I read the updated guide about supported regions, and it says the UK is a supported region with Uphold.
Number 27 on that list.

So I AM in a supported region, so why are we getting emails that say we aren’t?

Other posts about it on social media too as well as some here.

I get it is just wording in an email but it does clearly says that we aren’t when we are.

Is the email wrong or is the website wrong?

It seems that there was an issue with the emails.

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