Problem with Uphold verification and support

Hi ! It’s has been 1 month since I contacted Uphold support for the first time. So I had a problem with the verification (2 months ago). I waited 1 month for the verification. Then I contacted them. I’m still waiting for a response. I asked another question last week but still no response. Does anyone has the same problem with Uphold support ? Or does anyone knows what to do ?
Thanks !

I had faced this same problem. I had opened a support ticket for it for a long time. Today I got a message telling me that upholds cannot verify my identity as they don’t accept any form of identification from my country. All those BATs went to waste.

Brave should provide more options to withdraw $$ and that would help people like me.

Hello there @LilBilly, welcome to Community :smiley:

I apologies for any inconvenience. Unfortunately at this time, there is no way to withdraw other than to do so via Uphold. We are working on additional options. We’ll be sure to tell everyone when we have more information on this.

At the moment, there is also Gemini wallet, but at this time only Creators may access it - the rest have to wait for it to be implemented in the future.

One thing to check is if your country is supported by Uphold.

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