Uphold verification not working

Hello ! I know this is not the place but I don’t know what else to do. My account in Uphold is not getting verified, i’ts been like 7 months since I have open it, I made the verification process twice, the first time also take like 3 months, then I was be able to re-make the verification process they don’t say anything about why my account in that moment was not getting verified, well then I made it again, the verification never succeds, it still in process the second time. I never got my account verified, I tried to contact with Uphold but no one responses.

Is there another wallet or some way to get my BATs? and How I can connect it with Brave?

Hi @FedeMFernandez, firstly, is your country supported by Uphold at this time?

There is also Gemini wallet, but at this time only Creators may access it - the rest have to wait for it to be implemented.

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