Having issues uploading rewards to brave wallet

I am new to brave and uphold. I cannot get my rewards into my uphold wallet. On the wallet page of brave I only have a setting options. Can someone help and let me know what’s steps ive possibly missed

Hi @Robbocp,
Can you confirm if your wallet is verified and you’ve KYC’d?

I believe I have kyc’d with uphold says it was verified on 3/31 and has all omg info and my rewards page just says “your wallet” in the upper left corner.

What is your Brave version @Robbocp? And a screenshot of your BAT triangle icon / brave:rewards page will be really helpful.

I can’t claim my rewards either and having been using brave for over a year now. The issue started a couple months ago. Also see…Multiple accounts - Crypto Wallet

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Claiming Rewards Error



I have the same problem with my android phone. I can get ads but not rewards. Also, I can’t link it to my Uphold account for verification as the settings doesn’t work. When I click the icon of settings, the url shown is chrome://rewards but the result is “this site can’t be reached.”

How can I solve this problem? Please help me.


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Version 1.15 (

Thanks for screenshot @Robbocp,

So, wallet verification is only available on desktop for now. Mobile support is coming.

That’s why you not see “Verify wallet” button at the upper left of Rewards panel.


I really appreciate you getting back to me so promptly. Is there any way to withdraw the funds on the mobile version Or do I have to sync to a computer and withdraw them that way. I appreciate all the help.

Sadly, no @Robbocp. The only thing we can do is to wait until the withdrawal feature and/or wallet sync for mobile is implemented.

Your BAT is safe. It’s stored on your in-browser wallet – BAT triangle icon at URL bar. But do note, if you uninstall Brave, you may also lost your Rewards wallet.

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Sounds good thank you for all the help. I can wait to withdraw my millions LOL have a great day

I just experienced this problem today and even last month… Very bad

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