I’m not getting my rewards

I’m not getting any of my brave rewards haven’t gotten them since I downloaded the Brave browser last year they are not going into my uphold wallet

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I am also not receiving rewards a couple of months has gone by and my rewards just reset every month but they don’t get sent to my uphold wallent

Hi @Lemazing and @kamreppe, welcome to Community!

I need some additional information from both of you.
Can you confirm you’ve linked your Uphold account to your Brave wallet? Is your Uphold account KYC’d?

Yes my Brave and Uphold account are linked. I receive rewards from the brave browser on my mobile phone but not on the desktop computer. My devices are not sync’d as well.

Yes my uphold wallet is verified and kyc’d

Ah! Withdrawal is only available for desktop for now. Mobile support is coming, @Lemazing.



my problem is, the brave rewards went down why. I had 2.49 usd. and it went down. but why is it doing it. please help correct this. im not the only one this is happening to.

Even if I do it on my labtop my brave rewards are not in my uphold wallet none of them from the past 6+ some months

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