Rewards not working

im using Brave 1.5.131 on Android 10. Im trying to claim the rewards for March since a week but it only shows the loading animation. I am not able to claim my reward? What could I try to solve this?

This post is intended to gather as many users with a similar problem together on a single recent topic that is essentially about not being able to claim brave rewards. I am going to share below the link to the original posting of this message to as many other topics about not being able to claim rewards as possible in an effort to concentrate those of us that are experiencing an issue about claiming rewards and I encourage everyone that reads the original post, regardless of which topic they find this message under, to go to the original post at the link below, like the original post, and reply to the original post to confirm that you are following the original post, and share this exact message in other similar topics, until the issue is fixed. I hope that together we can bring enough attention to this issue to get it fixed as soon as possible. The link to the original posting of this message is…

Claiming Rewards Error

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