Problems with Brave Rewards!

I use Brave on 4 devices, 2 smartphones, 1 laptop and my computer.
Well I never kept an eye on the BAT I got on the different devices, till I had about 16-19BAT
on every device. In the last few months my BAT were cut in halve every time the rewards came.

Well I think I lost all about 40 BAT.

It would be very kind to get your support Brave Team.
Im a big fan of your work! Keep it going :slight_smile:

WHat does it show in the “Estimated Rewards Section”?

Nothin more but the estimated reward of this month, a small amount of BAT

Ohhh, I thought the rest of the BAT would be accumulated there.

the halving happend 2 times
The first time I was okay with that (idk why but I just didn’t care much about it.
But the second time really grinded my mind and thats why Im here.

Is there like, an actual Brave Support or is this soup of people here the “support”

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