Brave Rewards dissapeared

How do I get back the rewards?

I thought it was just me for a second. Guess I’m not alone. RIP my rewards

Same here my brave rewards disappeared

Edit : recieved my BAT in the morning :blush:

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This is my 2nd month using Brave and my rewards from last month haven’t continued to this month…They’re gone…Anyone knows what’s going on?

Same with me, I have 5+ Bat over all, since May and June always 1bat received every month even I collected more than 1Bat, but now 5bats it’s all gone I received only 1Bat again

My rewards disappeared entirely today, I had over 10 built up this until a few days ago, then it said it was going to pay me 4.6… on the 8th, so a huge chunk less, now I have nothing at all. There is the bit about processing times etc at the top of the community board so I hope that we get our rewards paid out soon. Little pissed as I have just earned enough to verify upload wallet.

Just been paid out on my phone but still nothing from the laptop??

Same here my rewards disappeared :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

UPDATE 10/08/2021 Rewards received :slight_smile:

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All my BAT dissapeared also… and nothing has been transfert on my Uphold or my wallet.
We need help here moderator.

Now the rewards are added

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Same here. I’ve been using brave since April. Had around 5 BAT , now I have 0.42 all of a sudden. What’s happening? How do we get our rewards back?

Same - on android, waiting for a bit over 4 bat to be paid, now have .97 estimated this month and nothing. Nothing in rewards summary, nothing in my wallet. Happened last month on my phone, this month on my tablet - 10 bat just disappeared…BS

I had good amount of BATs and they disappeared this morning :frowning:

Same here, lost my 4 BAT

Don’t worry. It takes time to get paid to uphold wallet
It took 2 days for me

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I still dont have my BAT back and no publicity are showing… it’s dead.

Did you do something or did it just appear automatically?

I talk to the moderator steeven but got no real answer and it’s been since August 11… 4-5 days.
Something is going on behind the scene for sure…
I still have 0 BAT and I don’t have any publicity. It’s look freeze to me… I have been using Braves for several months.

If you use it on phone with the same account, do you get paid differently than PC?

yeah I do. ads show up at different rates on the 2 devices and and BATs are acquired separately even though I have the browser synced

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