Half my bat rewards disappeared

My BAT went down on my iphone and Ipad again, but thank you for the update and thank you all for the hard work you do everyday. You guys are awesome! I can’t even imagine how hard you guys work.

Thanks Steeven. All seems good now

Just an FYI – Auto-Contribute is automatically enabled by default once you activate Rewards.

If you don’t want to use Auto-Contribute, then you can turn it off in the Rewards settings page.

Refunds for Auto-Contribute are only for the cases where you turned it off but were still charged.

We don’t offer refunds for BAT sent to Auto-Contribute because it wasn’t turned off. :slight_smile: That’s on you to make sure you have your settings straight.

That isn’t the issue. I’ve always had auto-contribute disabled and thus my monthly contributions are 0.0 BAT. Some of my estimated pending rewards BAT disappeared, it wasn’t contributed or tipped.

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Same here, I always had auto- contribute OFF. For over a year ish.

The thing is the BAT just disappeared, show the people the RECEIPT/PROOF where the funds went then :slight_smile: on the blockchain everything must be transparent, I am right?

Same here. BAT disappeared from my wallet with Auto Contribute off and without any other contribution. Also entry screen shows different balance for month than reward screen.

On my Android 10 device with Brave 1.5.5, my ad count continues to reset to zero and resets my estimated rewards for the month. It has done so twice in February so far.