Lost My BAT in my Brave Wallet

Why did I lose the 45 BAT I had when I claimed the 25 BAT that I earned last month because of ads?

Can you elaborate more? I’m not really sure about your issue @Bionicman34.

I had 45 BAT in my wallet. Then I got a notification that the 20 BAT I earned last month was available to be claimed. I claimed the 20 BAT, and now that is all I have in my wallet, the 20 BAT instead of 65 -70 BAT. Where did the other 45 BAT go?

Do you have automatic tipping enabled?

I didn’t before. I turned it on yesterday. I figured if i was going to have to part with my BAT, might as well tip it.

We’ve had some issues surrounding Ads payouts – we’ve worked on and are applying fixes for these presently, and this may explain the lack of funds. Don’t worry – if it’s due to an issue on our part, you will get your BAT back on the next payout date.

@Ley asked if you had automatic tipping enabled – which is in fact a feature. But it’s distinctly different from your auto-contribute table. Do you know if you had the A-C feature enabled?

thank you for your response

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I was told that I would have the 45 BAT that went missing by the next payout date. Today is that date and I am still missing 45 BAT. Thanks.

Please see this post regarding the changes surrounding the Ads payout:

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Hi @Bionicman34 sorry for any inconvenience here. Would you mind DM’ing what you see in brave://rewards-internals and I can double check to make sure you are getting all the BAT you have been owed? Thanks.

What device are you using? Im using a android s9 Samsung phone

I sent via Iphone but I use a laptop normally when i use Brave. thanks