Half my bat rewards disappeared

I had approximately 2.1 BAT earned this month and suddenly it’s 1.1.


Hi @Send_me_ETH_plz - do you have Auto Contribute enabled?

@steeven , No I do not, thank you

A difference of only 1BAT would point to you tipping 1BAT to a verified users site or channel, since you cannot auto-contribute only 1BAT. I’m not sure how else exactly 1 could be deducted.

@Mattches my total tips & monthly contributions are both at 0.0 BAT

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To be clear, I lost 1 BAT from my estimated earnings, not from my wallet balance.

I am currently experiencing the same issue. I lost ~ 0.45 BAT this morning. This is my thread I just opened: Glitch in Brave Rewards or Brave ?!?
But it looks similar to your issue. No automatic contribution. Even not possible for me as I have started using Brave only one week ago. So there is no way for me to tip as my wallet is pretty much zero and the whole balance is simply an estimated reward value. Curious to see what the devs can figure out.


Same problem 2 days ago had 6, yesterday 5.8 and today after getting back up to 6 yesterday its back down to 5.7.

No I do not have tipping on this is in the estimated balance.


Hello sneakybrit. I am in the same situation as you. 3.6 -> 3 -> 3.2 -> 3BAT. I lost 1BAT in 3 to 5 days.

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@bitcoindelight same, just signed up a few days ago.

Same issue here. Missing 30% of my bat on my iphone and ipad. i Auto Contribute is disabled on both devices.

I signed up a few days ago and my total rewards had gone to something like 1.3 BAT. Then I opened the browser and it reset to zero BAT. I am not at the first payment date which is on 5 Feb. I have autocontribute set to off and I have an Uphold wallet which shows everything at zero. I do not understand where the rewards have gone. It undermines confidence in using Brave browser particularly as I note that this has been an issue in the past which was supposed to have been fixed with a hotfix. What is happening?

I present the same problem, this happened to me today


Would love to see a reply from the team with an answer


I am having the same issue.
Suddenly a bunch of rewards disappeared. I still see the history of ads seen which is way more than what the rewards value I have.

Hello. I have the same problem as most of the users in this topic. I lost tenths of BAT this month. Between 0.3 and 0.6. Autocontribution is not activated.

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Agreed. I seem to have a history of ads that exceeds the rewards value. I am new to this platform. Is there a way to raise a ticket so this issue is investigated or do you just post here and hope someone runs with the issue?

Ahaha, they do it on purpose. I now went into my wallet and I had an automatic payment of 25 BAT per month. Although I did not turn it on.

Do you mean settings in chrome://rewards/ ?
I have similar issue, but I’ve disablet automatic payments there. Should I look for other payment settings?

Honestly, I’m not busy. I myself was not interested in this.