Getting Rid of Duck Duck Go and Replacing it with Gibiru

Issue in Brave Settings / Search Engine.
I followed the instructions to “Manage my SEs.” I got rid of the big tech SEs and added
It took a couple of tries but I got the 3 fields right and it saved.

BUT, it will not appear in the SE selection drop down.
I revisited it a few times. And I made sure Gibiru was in that other location in the Settings fields… but it still won’t let Gibiru be the default SE and I can’t delete DuckDuckGo.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to Settings → Search Engines
  2. Try to get rid of DuckDuckGo
  3. Try to replace it with:

Expected result:

  • Lose the big tech censored DuckDuckGo that is running on psychopath Bill Gate’s Bing SE.
  • Get Gibiru to be the default SE

Brave Version( check About Brave):
I couldn’t get the update to work:
An error occurred
[Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Additional Information:
SIDE NOTE: I just ditched Firefox for this exact same problem. For some crazy reason, Firefox and Brave both are hard wired to DuckDuckGo (MS Bing big-tech censored) right now. I could delete all of the other search engines but not that one. I used to like DuckDuckGo, but I now have MANY proof positive search results that tell me I am in a filter bubble and getting censored a LOT. I’ve got 70K hours researching in front of a screen so I know when things are not what they were… [I use VPN, flip my ISP regularly, CClean the PC after every visit to the web, and keep my Spybot green].


Only the default search engines that come with the browser are displayed in the dropdown menu. I opened a Github issue not long time ago for that, but unfortunately it looks like nothing will be changed as of the moment.

Make sure you add Gibiru using the correct parameter:


After you add the search engine, click on the 3 dots next to it and set it as default.


Thank you so much Rethanis!! You are so fast.

The corrections took under Manage Search Engines… and Gibiru now lists as the default in the drop down - but - the Query URL remains greyed out and stuck on DuckDuckGo.

A partial success! I am going to whine nicely for getting rid of any search engine that is demonstrably censored. We are in the Ahrimanic Deception / a war on the Earth’s people. Our SE use is the biggest part of our digital fight back - and big tech knows it. Without fast, comprehensive reliable information, they know we are doomed.




Hmm, are you editing DDG’s parameters rather than adding Gibiru as another search engine? Do you mind taking a screenshot of your search engines at brave://settings/searchEngines so I can understand better what’s going on?


Sorry this is a little tangential, but do we have any insight or reputational info on Gibiru?

I hadn’t heard of it before this post, so I took a quick look and every search result link does a very brief redirect to Google. I’m no search engine expert but seems like it might be of concern.


Sorry for taking so long on the screen shots. I am going to do them for you.

I just got back from a long trip, did a crazy pwd reset on protonmail that screwed up everything. Just got it fixed.

Hmm. God I hate Google. I agree 100%. It is of very real concern. I will contact Gibiru and see what they say. How bogus is that to pitch themselves as uncensored and then do a tracker cash in with google on the side?

From a draft note I was making for Protonmail Support - this is the work I’ve done so far to find a browser that won’t interfere with the search results or my system:

"I am experiencing filter bubbles and contact data manipulation AI algorithms. In 12/20 my contact export from GoDaddy after they force migrated me to Office365, stripped out the phone and address data from ONLY my oldest prior personal contacts. I was printing e-mails out from my 5G fight in NC, and firefox stopped the print screen function in protonmail from working.

My own PC is being screwed with. After an ego move of sending a hard copy professional letter to Mitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla, basically calling her a evil google driven careerist, one week later - my cursor just froze. The virus was so extreme that the PC repair shop couldn’t figure out what did it. All the hardware/firmware was fine, so they reformatted the hard drive (no big deal; I work offline and rebuild my own desktops).

Browsers I have tried so far to escape big tech manipulation:

  • Firefox - Can’t change SE from DuckDuckGo; you can get rid of all of them, except DuckDuckGo=MS/Bing and censored results

  • Yandex - connected to Google via paywall. You can’t change SE from Yandex or Bing or Google.

  • Brave - connected to Mozilla/Google via development; can’t change SE from DuckDuckGo - this is where I am now and I’ll be sad to go because I really like the community forum.

  • Epic - connected to Google via paywall

  • Puffin - weird on-boarding; couldn’t get to the pay wall - sent feedback

  • SRIronware - connected to Google via Chrome & Microsoft paywall

  • TOR - connected to Mozilla/Google; can’t change SE from DuckDuckGo.

  • Waterfox - connected to Mozilla/Google; didn’t try.

  • Pale Moon - spent years on this one; massive tracker money harvesting w/o informing endusers. Forum went silent when confronted.

  • SeaMonkey - Owned by Mozilla/Google

  • IceCat - the term GNUzilla made me think there could be a Mozilla connection; but a site search did not surface one; this browser is a maybe.

  • Chromium - Google product.

  • Tenta - Google connected paywall

  • Edge - MS creation

  • StartPage/Ixquick - Contracted with google and producing censored results for years. Had to confront them on support e-mails to get the truth out of them about the connection to google

  • CyberGhost - All SE options connected to Google/MS and no ability to choose your own.

  • KingPin - Default SE is Google and b/u is MS controlled DuckDuckGo.

  • Avast - Associated w/AVG IN UK; a maybe?

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Thanks a lot for brilliant advise!

CyberGhost got back to me and said I could use any search engine I wanted - after I signed up. It still creeps me out because the screen sequence has all the big tech search engines… I want to find a browser that isn’t tainted.

I’ll forge on tomorrow and try Avast and see if I can get those screen shots done for Rethanis.

Also, I’ve been out of pocket for a year. I’ve been sending info on the scamdemic back to my friends here. So far, one of them hasn’t gotten an e-mail from me since May 21, 2021 - and I know I’ve sent him at least 10+ in the last two months. He checked spam… nada.

The saddest thing, is without info from me, most of my closest friends here got the pharmageddon injection. All of this hijacked e-mail stuff took place on Firefox. So now I have to let Protonmail know that Firefox is on the move to stop all communication about covid and 5G.

[quote=“60GIGAHERTZ, post:1, topic:275067”]
Gibiru…OH NO I was using startpage on brave in iphone but i saw you posted they are contracted with google. I know majority of people still use DDG but I hear conflicting things about their engine nowadays. Seems we are in a similar boat with which browser to use, although, I did see that brave has their own search engine on macos as an option, which is what I am choosing for now… Lets try to help eachother if we know how to. I am not very helpful in tech savviness but hopefully people on here are. I can say a browser called presearch, an app, that is supposedly to be decentralized as a possibility for people who don’t want the main ones, it uses its own search engine i guess. Anyways, if anyone knows a way to get past twitter verification for phone number when they locked it for “safety reasons”, please inform me, I know there’s temporary numbers but i think twitter is too smart for that according to what i see here and there. Hope what i added was helpful. Best! xx

Hold up, Gibiru is an uncensored search engine, do you have any kids? If you do have kids, I would recommend you to use the Google SE, Bing SE, DuckDuckGo SE, and other ones.

PS: I will try to add Gibiru as a search engine and see if it works for me.

Fortunately, it did not work.

@Kristian adding Gibiru works fine.

Oh, I forgot, needed to click the 3 dots.

Thank you! I have followed your instructions and here is a screen shot of the default SE edit pop up box that remains:

Do you see how the search string remains assigned to DuckDuckGo and is grayed out?

CyberGhost support got back to me and said everything was encrypted and I could assign any SE I wanted after I signed up - but CG is still primary on big tech SE’s so there is a relationship there that can be exploited.

I investigated GNUZilla, but literally could not figure out on any of their links where to download their software. Not encouraging…and they are a spike off Mozilla anyway.

Avast turned out to be Europes version of probably Firefox. Big focus on the two worst aspects: AI development and “Cloud.” Not an option.

I’ll let you know what I find next. There has to be a browser that is untainted by MS, Google, or Mozilla.

Thank you so much for all your help!! Please get on glutathione and food grade diatomaceous earth soonest. We are being nuked with nano graphene oxide (on top of all the other poisons the .0001% could deliver for the last 50 years). G.O. is the last stop in the process of saturating us with toxic heavy metals - and EMR (wi-fi) can change it’s polarity. With a positive charge, G.O. will begin to destroy the cells around it. G.O. is the primary ingredient delivering Moderna and Pfizer genetic material (mRNA) to the cells because it has a sharp, sheetlike structure. Go to and read up on La Quinta Columna for details. Hugs!

No kids.:)))))) I’m a researcher - so SE results are everything. I know when I can’t find something that was clearly there before. I keep a clean machine. Work airgapped. Never use wi-fi because it is toxic and the illegal installation of the automated electrical grid here made me electrosensitive… which is real.
So now I have to fight the wi fi and the spike proteins coming off the injected. The spike proteins are brutal. Similar or different for every uninjected person. I get musculoskeletal disorders and fibromyalgia (which I didn’t really believe in… but I sure do now). So do work your butt off to detox heavy metal out of your system at this time, and you will be much better at surviving this 5 G induced nightmare of Covid scamdemic.


You’re editing an existing search engine rather than adding a new one. I understand from your comments that you would like to use only Gibiru, so please follow my steps below.

  1. Open brave://settings/searchEngines.
  2. Scroll a little and click on Add, it is positioned right of Other search engines.
  3. Add Gibiru by entering the details from my screenshot.
  4. Once you add Gibiru, click on the 3 dots next to it, and set it as your default search engine.
  5. Remove other search engines by clicking on the 3 dots next to them → Remove from list.

Thank you Rethanis. From our earlier work, I went through the steps to add Gibiru to the drop down:

Your screenshots are once again taken when editing a search engine. If you’re adding a search engine, the window will be different.


If there is an instance of Gibiru, remove it → add a new one by inserting the details from my previous screenshot → make it default.

P.S My first screenshot was also taken when editing a search engine, don’t pay attention to that but the details I’ve entered.

So you don’t use Wi-Fi, but you use ethernet? Not bad I guess, ethernet is more safer.