Need help to eliminate Yahoo search

I have made duckduckgo my defaut search engine but it doesn’t work it goes to yahoo. I followed the instructions for the other person having this problem and it did not work. I have turned off everything except
Automatically redirect .onion sites which it will not allow me to turn off. Can someone help me with this. Thanks

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link to the extension you didn’t turn off? Also, did you try to remove this extension and then test the search?

Edit: Also try clearing your cache/history, etc…

It won’t let me do anything with the extension. I have not tried to empty my history or cache I’ll try that.

wha? That’s a dubious extension just for that… What is this extension and link to it?

Here is a copy of it.
Automatically redirect .onion sites
Brave will open onion service of the website in Tor window when available

It is on the Brave settings page.

oh… that’s not an extension… check the search settings in brave what’s the search engine for regular search and tor…

It is listed under extensions.
I deleted all but 3 of the search engines and chose duckduckgo for my search engine and set it to default

no… go to brave://extensions/ and switch off each extension. Then turn on each extension one by one, testing your search each time…

ok I’ll give it a try. Thanks

I still have everything shut off and now it is going to Bing.Any new suggestions?

The only thing I can think of, not being much of a windows user, is to scan for malware… because if you set up brave settings to use ddg and you’ve turned off all extensions, your search should go through ddg unless you picked up some malware or something…

@Mattches would you have any thoughts on this?

I have a really good virus protection so I don’t know. What malware scanner should I use?

You can try to clear/delete cache/history, close brave, and reboot computer… maybe it’s just stuck data… but I don’t really expect that to work… As far as malware scanner to use, I don’t use windows so I couldn’t really say…

I already cleared everything and rebooted,no luck.

Does Yahoo appear in other browsers if you were to open them and run a search? Can you try creating a new browser profile and seeing if Yahoo! is also the default search when using the new profile?

No it does not appear in other browsers.

Get extension duckduckgo privacy essentials.

It will set duckduckgo as default automatically. Just allow it to change your search engine.

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