Getting Brave rrrr

No problems at all. I have built my own rig. People should download God mode and fix there operating system. You can update on the fly and get rid of kit files. Anyone that knows computers should know it is a data capture device built to monitor as it’s primary directive not the shiny cover people spend most of there time looking at 5% of the internet.

People build there own sites. We need a community of developers to release alternative built from the ground up to stop the flow and they will have to listen to what we say. Algorithm is a term used when a program inside a porogram but it has root privileged code so you are not aware that you are broadcasting through a darpa farm so it can see everything and build a profile of you. This information is used on a mass scale and where do you thing Government gets its script from. Yes they call it intelligence and nsa has a hard on for it but don’t realize the consequence of taking orders from a machine because the internet is full of lies the data is tainted so get Brave and get ready to “do” more to beat the system with the system by educating ourselves and open our eyes to what they are doing to our world with our money and they use mediums tv etc to pass the blame into the public but this is criminal and the government is very aware of what it is doing. Time to get up of you knees as the “people” have the right to judge them as they are meant to be our savants. Now they play pantomimes and people don’t realize it does not matter who is in power as they only have the power to be the voice of their master because if you look back and people get voted in and out while the government follows it’s agenda. Realize it is all bs. Stand you and make a difference in the world. Start small helping elderly carry bags and be friendly so you can help them have HOPE again. Leave £1 coins in a park where only kids will find there. This is real charity when you help someone without them knowing so they don’t feel that they owe you something. We can all do more than we are because we have the power inside the question is are you going to use it?

And just like that he was gone

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