I Told YouTube The Truth About Brave - Admins and Developers Must Read This!

Hello Brave-ers,

I told YouTube the truth about you guys. The screenshot says it all. Hope it helps!! Love you guys!!! I went on to tell them they already lost Joe, they didn’t wanna lose guys like me who use YouTube on average 16-18 hours every single day or thet may risk becoming the next Netscape :rofl: :laughing: :rofl:Use this anywhere it will help you!!! Much Love!!! :v:

I don’t understand your content

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I told YouTube Brave was pretty Dope and they should get on-board with the future. I thought the screenshot told that story, sorry for being confusing, I’m not really a techie, just a supporter of the Idea. Much love :v:

Agreed; would say more than that but don’t want to be offensive, in case it’s just an ESL or intoxication issue. If a human at Google ever actually reads it, it will end with a confused face while quickly moving onto the 10mil remaining feedback submissions.

@EricS.Cook - you may want to remove your screenshot or at least crop it, as it contains personal info in the top-right.
Even if you don’t mind other people knowing the address, it can easily be parsed by a crawler not and add you to 3k viagra / Crate & Barrel mailing lists :business_suit_levitating:.

Thanks, I was just trying to help. I think Brave is pretty cool, that’s all. I dunno if it will help and probably not, but I was trying, that’s all. I appreciate your time. :v:

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