Big Tech Censorship?

I’m seeing various threads here talking about the various different things that are either being buggy on the Brave Browser or not working at all.

Don’t know if there has been categorizing done but anyone want to give the platforms that they’re having trouble with, the issues around it and how long its been going on?

I’m having some trouble with twitter not showing videos and photos occasionally and sometimes having them broken.

Also having trouble with Youtube Log in - I’ve contributed to the thread on that.

What I’m doing here is trying to get wider perspective of the problems Brave is having. I am doubtful that it is to do with the browser as I have friends who also use it and have no problem.

I believe this is a push from big tech to try and push Brave out of the Market as it uses Chromium and gives everything one would need in both not tracking your use and a free adblocker provided. I believe big tech is facing a bit of a shortfall in revenue from people using it and them not getting metadata from you by you using it. So they are trying to silently kill the browser by making it nonfunctional in various ways.

Might be a conspiracy but its better than this “it works in Canada but not the UK.” thing going on right now.

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