Could Someone PLease help

I;m just trying to get my shopify website verified so that I can tell people how dope Brave is and make a couple bucks to pay for chemo. I dont wanna be a web developer, I’m an artist my site is a site that will donate all its dough to helping people not have to suffer like I have. Shopify support has had me waiting 120 mins TWICE It says they can only do meta tag verification. Had I known i’d never have access to my DNS etc etc etc It was so much easier 25 years ago with notepad html javascript and a bootleg copy of photoshop. This kindof nonsense will kill me long before cancer does. Can anyone help please?

Sadly, the only thing that I can suggest is to try the DNS method.

it’s cool. Thanks. I appreciate ya trying brother
I tried every way I could. Its either not hitting the root or some permissions BS probably. I’m dwon to 40 mins through for the second time though so theres that );

They totally blow - ZERO support, I shoulda went with someone more artist friendly. We’re flakes, but keep the world sane, no time for learning all the stuff you guys do better anyway … sorry brother, just frustrated

On another note, and why i’m here doing this, after checking it out hardcore for 2 months, Brave is really Dope. You guys should be super proud of yourselves. Doing the right thing is never easy and doing it well, even more rare. The concept is much bigger than the product, but for a guy like me who’s wanted to switch to linux and use Tor for so long but could raise 3 kids and make money on my own and learn all this new gear. Thats why I rely on innovations like this, and I think it’s rad. Damn the Man, this one samll slice of freedom in world other deluded to having it. Big ups from me you men and women gettin it done. :v: I’m audi, I’ll try again tomorrow, keep up the good work, it means something!!!

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I hope you can solve, I would like to make a donation for your chemotherapy, it would not be much, but something.

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Well THAT just made me cry. Although many beautiful things do. Good news - I DID get if figured out. Took about 7 1/2 hours,but it’s on there and hopefully in June I’ll be able to go live with where you can see all my art stuff. Well “all” meaning the 20 or so percent I’ve had the time to get up there. I’m trying to figure out a way to tell all the artists I love how to get Brave too, You can see that new post in the community here, well I think you can anyway. I LOVE you for thinking of me, but it’s really not necessary, however if you do, I promise it will get paid forward somehow for sure. I believe my life here is to help others do wonderful things and not be enslaved to circumstance. Whoever you are ragr28, you’re a wonderful person in my book!!

Much love, :v:

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Good News Homie - I got it done … I think. You can check out to see if I got it right. Thanks for all you do, I don’t think you’ll ever really know how much I appreciate you guys for making something like this. It gives me hope the future for my kids might be a little brighter than I think it probably was going to before I found y’all. Thanks Homie. much appresesh!!

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