Praise to the developers

Hello everyone at the Brave private browser development team. I just wanted to let you know in a more personal and direct route hence the email so apologies if this is not the correct procedure. I just had to let you all know just how amazing the “brave private browser” truly is i can only imagine just how many intrusive adverts that never made it to my attention just how many ill timed adverts while watching YouTube and the knowledge that they are not earning money from me is peaceful. I think that what you’re doing is truly amazing and may you keep up the good work and be in the know that some people out there will always be grateful for your work. If ever the time comes and you decide to bring out a premium version of brave in the future and ask for a little payment for your hard work i would definitely be one of the first to purchase it especially if it was to include a VPN option. Anyway I have took up far too much of your time and I will leave it there. so stay safe all of you and your families i am sending love and support all the way from Nottingham in the UK

Adam S Prestage


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