A message to the brave team

hi, i hope that this message can reach the members of the brave team, and most importantly the higher members (responsibles, executives…), i really hope so, so if you are a simple member of the team hopefully you can send this message to the sudoers,
i know that im in no place to tell you guys what to do, but i just want to remind you and the reminders can help even the brightest of minds, i want to remind you that brave wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the open source software, and i hope that just as you were given the opportunity of using an open source software to build your company, i just hope that you would give this same opportunity to the others, by open sourcing your own made products like the search engine,
this is even an ethical question, as when you needed to build your software (the browser) you took from the open source community, but when you built your own software (the search engine) you decided to not give back to the community.
and excuse me for saying that but this is what differentiate the generous from the selfish.
open sourcing would be even an assurance from you to the community in case if someday you changed your values and principles that your company was built upon (like your privacy policy) , your open sourced software would get used by the others to build a product with the same old values, just like google chrome and brave browser.
i really hope that this message will touch some minds and hearts.

with best regards

@axuser there are some issues with what you are thinking and saying. Let me try to pick a couple problems and explain.

Brave and the people working on Brave have long contributed to Chromium and still contribute to this day. You also forget that Brendan Eich, co-founder of Brave, had also co-founded Mozilla (which makes Firefox) before and also created Java.

You are speaking like this is a one sided thing and they just “stole” from Chromium project or something. It may also be important for you to do some research on how Brave is contributing also to internet security, including things like https://brave.com/privacy-updates/12-sugarcoat/ and https://brave.com/privacy-updates/19-star/

Search exists all over and can easily be made. What you’re asking for is Brave to make available to everyone what is going to make their search different. You’re also wishing for them to share vulnerabilities that would affect privacy?

I’ll quote you from Brendan Eich a while back:

Search is a very sensitive utility that many actors have incentives to game. Opening it up is something that needs to be done with great care. We have plans to provide an open and collaborative system by which a community, or a single user, can create sets of rules and filters, called Goggles, to define the space which a search engine can pull results from. Instead of a single ranking algorithm, we could have as many as needed, overcoming the biases that a single actor (the search engine) embeds into the results. Transparency and openness, all desirable qualities, will become accessible through the deep reranking capabilities Goggles would enable.

They have delivered now on providing Goggles. I also want to remind you that Brave Search still is not complete. It is still being built out and the database formed. This is why you can’t do image or video search on it now and instead are being redirected to sites like Google or Bing. Nobody knows what Brave will do in the future, including whether they’ll make any or all of it open source.

That said, it’s critical that they have a baseline. Also you have to realize even in open source projects, there’s a lot of proprietary information that is not available. I certainly hope you aren’t thinking that the things they have spend lots of money to collect and the data they host should be freely shared so others can use it? This doesn’t even happen with Chromium!