Dont let the fox in the hen house!


I am sure that this is a talked to death topic and I am not a tech guru that understands all the what fors and how tos with Brave.

Brave, please read this, reply and let me vent a little.

I changed to Brave early after it first came out. There has been times that it had issues, but I have believed in Brave and have not changed. Understand that I am very careful what sites I go on and believe that we should have Privacy. I use all Macs and will never go back to Windows, EVER!! Windows OS in the company computers of the company we sold was a nightmare!!! But that is another story.

I do not know all the particulars, but Brave linking and using a Google Platform or OS Base or anything GOOGLE is letting the Fox in the Hen House and THAT is a HUGE mistake. We all know what Google is all about and do not need to harp on that.

At this time, the only thing I am using tied to Google is GMail Business. THAT MY FRIENDS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE AS WELL!!! THIS IS A TRUE EVENT THAT HAPPENED!!!

I sent out an email to another person asking about an item of interest that I am looking for and pricing. I did NO search on Brave or anywhere else for that Item. Then 2 Days later, I get an email from a Seller advertising the same product as I was asking about in my (1 AND ONLY EMAIL) about that Product. This Seller has NEVER EVER contacted me before. I do not get advertising emails from anyone PERIOD. I do not sign up for such junk.

So I am pretty darn sure that Google is monitoring my/our emails ALOT more so than any of us can imagine. THAT was the straw that broke the camels back!!! I am changing to a great offshore email provider to be as private as possible.

BRAVE, you have a GREAT PRODUCT!!! A great company (it seems)!!! Please do not sell out to the Government Whore Google or anyone else of the like. I know we will never be able to eliminate all monitoring and surveillance, but we can mitigate it and minimize the impact.

Sorry for the long thread. But needed to speak my 3 Cents!!!


Brave Support, I do ask that this Thread be given to the CEO for him to read.

Thank You!!



Thank for the kind words!
Easy with the caps lock though.

Some bedtime reading for you:


Thanks for the reply.



Very interesting story about the Gmail privacy issues, and a good reminder/warning to other Gmail users. I would love to see a secure and private email system launched by the Brave team down the road. :slight_smile:


Would you? Do tell:

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