Torrent save location - don't save to RAM

please please please change the torrent feature to save to disk instead of memory. it took me 3 days to download something (~40GB) and then brave crashed while it was saving to disk - and now it’s gone. plus there’s no way to resume downloading a torrent (like on every other torrent client).

i want to say more but i don’t want to insult anyone :slight_smile:


actually, i’m just going to stop using this feature. i thought it was cool to have native support but the file handling is very very disappointing.

You an save the file directly to your HDD by clicking the Save file option:

sorry, but that’s obvious.

that’s after the file has been downloaded. what happens when your browser tab crashes before finishing? or after finishing the download but while it’s being moved from memory (or swap space, more realistically) to a permanent place on the disk? why would you ever want to save this in memory?

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i want to concur with the previous.
Today, i have been trying to download a few torrents simultaneously, to all have them crash for either a memory shortage (the ram presumably), and later when i specifically instructed the browser to download them to the SSD immediately, they crashed as well for no apparent reason.
I can of course supply you with extra information if you so desire.



This feature is perfect for small files, an eBook about programming or whatever. You need it, you take it, you read it (eventually you delete it after reading). But for a huge 40GB download , you really should use a standalone client like Transmission or qBittorrent especially to avoid what happened to you.

Brave crashed, it could have been the operating system, a power outage (if it’s a desktop), or many other things. Zero risk doesn’t exists.