Annoying WebTorrent addon

This browser is awesome, it’s rather ironic that the software, that for the most part rightly prides itself for providing the best privacy and nag-free experience available, didn’t escape one annoyance, and that is bloatware that a user can’t possibly get rid of. I’ve downloaded torrents via magnet links for ages, been relying on my trusty old uTorrent (an old version, still true to its original minimalistic approach, not the new bloatware version), only to find that I’m unable to directly open those links with Brave, because of another sort of bloatware that cannot be disabled.
Not needing an external app for content is surely a nice thing for some people, but I personally like to have my own say on what I use for doing things, the webtorrent addon doesn’t have any extras a full client has, and having to copy paste magnet links from the browser to the external client is annoying as hell. I’ve switched to the new Firefox, until you decide to give me back the control that Brave otherwise promises.

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Yo dude, you can disable it in the Settings:


hell that was fast, last I checked was about 2 months ago :slight_smile:


Just a Normal guy helpin ppl out :slight_smile:

Glad I could help.