You seriously need to redo the whole in-browser Torrent client

As the title states.

The in-browser torrent client is a completely horrible experience.

To begin with, nowhere does it states that torrents are only downloaded to memory unless explicitly saved somewhere else. At least not in a place that makes it even remotely clear.

Secondly, pressing “stop torrent” on a torrent that is finished (but seeding) will remove the downloaded content without even prompting the user first, discarding your data.

Thirdly, when going in settings to figure out what the hell is going on (and to find the default download location for torrents), and you click on the “Torrent” extension, you expect that it will open up settings for this extension. Instead, it disables the whole extension, while closing any torrent download tabs that were currently open and active, and just discarding your data. Again, without even prompting the user.

I could go on with other smaller flaws with this client, however I’ll keep this post short. To sum up, this client is an abomination, and the so-called engineers behind it should be promoted to customers. This client needs to be recreated from scratch. Even if you don’t, Brave would be better as a browser if you simply removed the torrent client all together.

If you don’t want to recreate it, nor remove it, you should at least hire a god-damn UX designer to go through your stuff, because you deeply need it.

With much love (despite the harsh words), someone who appreciates the browser.

Thank you for your feedback! Harsh or not, we do appreciate any/all user input as it helps us better curate and cater to your experience with Brave.

That said, not only do we agree with you – we’re already working on it! The linked project page shows all logged issues/features currently and “to be” implemented. We do have several large projects ongoing at this time and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to push new new additions and fixes into Webtorrent and other features.


I second the report from frederiksv. No feature should be added until it is polished and reliable. The general experience should feel polished and reliable, even if not the richest in features. The standard should never be below what other browsers have met—equal or superior, but never inferior.

(Beta versions are for new stuff.)

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