Horrible Browser

All the security in the world is useless when the browser doesn’t work and there is no effective support. Yesterday brave browser decided unilaterally that I could only download one torrent at a time from a site. When I would try to download a second torrent it would block access. When I got up today I attempted to download something else and the browser decided to bypass u-torrent and hijack downloading the torrent on it’s own blocking my access to u-torrent. The response I get is “The WebTorrent extension can be disabled from Brave settings”. there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXTENSION CALLED Web Torrent in my settings. Every other help topic around this tells you to adjust settings that don’t exist anywhere in the browser.

I’m done. I’m sick and tired of spending half the day getting things to work. I never asked for this browser to hijack my torrents and it’s the last straw. It can’t be fixed apparently and there is no actual support.

Clean the mess up or you will be losing other people as well.

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You mean this WEB TORRENT? @wickee

yes that’s exactly what I mean. Doesn’t exist in my settings but thanks for trying to make it look like I am missing something. In fact most of the things on that list of "settings’ doesn’t exist on my settings

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Are you using mobile?

nope I’m on a desktop and none of the of those selections in the screenshot are options for me including appearance. I have five tabs along the top none of which even say settings. Each gives me options to control one or two settings and that is it. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, and tried everything and I’m done.

Can you show a screenshot?

those are ALL the choices I’m given under settings. Nothing more.

It almost looks like the scale is turned up high on your desktop settings, clipping part of the page. Can you try turning your scale down?

Try turning up your resolution as well.

yup that took care of it. I use a TV which my computer is attached to. so then the question is why after a year of using this software did it unilaterally decide that I was no longer going to be able to use my torrent client and imposing that change without asking me first.

the second question is why there is no ability to scroll back and forth like there is with every other application that is enlarged when I have to upscale the computer.

why I had to waste my entire morning spinning in circles because this browser made that decision on it’s own and the option to move the screen left and right for things that are out of scale, a feature that is on every single other application that I use is absent?

Unfortunately, I have no answer to those questions as I’m not a developer or Brave employee. It possibly occured after an update. I am glad that we got the settings issue fixed for you though.

That certainly looks wierd. It should be like this

Indeed. This is probably a bug. The left-side panel should not vanish on zooming-in brave://settings/. If it is not possible to fit-in left hand side panel then a left-right scroll bar should be provided so that all items in the settings are visible if someone accidently zooms-in settings page.

In Chrome a hamburger menu appears when zoom increases >125% but not in Brave. @Mattches

I agree there should be a scroll bar, but that should be posted in #brave-feature-requests

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Try going directly to:

You can try going to brave://settings/extensions directly as @Newtab mentioned. You might also want to try zooming in/out on the settings screen to view all the Settings options.

We figured it our for him a week ago.