Bittorrent Webtorrent and Reddit in Brave

Using Brave Beta

Webtorrent is a nice addition to Brave and all, but lacking the ability to download all the files at once is defeating the purpose. I have a torrent with over 1000 files in it and no download all button in the Webtorrent window. I sure as hell not gonna click every file.

“Stop Download”,“Save Torrent File” need a companion.

As for Reddit, I somehow managed to break Reddit in normal window. Incognito and Tor Reddit works great. But when I start it in normal window it messages me “Sorry, we have failed you. Try refreshing!”

Am I missing something or what? Thank you for the reply.

There’s an issue logged for this. Added +1 on your behalf. You can track it here

I assume you’re using new Reddit?

Yes the newest version of desktop reddit.

Thank you! I searched a bit for similar topics couldn’t find it. I guess i used the wrong words.

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I have issues with it from time to time as well but the majority of the time it works for me.
I think you’re running into a cookies issue with Reddit. If you’re logging in (or were logged in at some point) or attempting to log in, try the following:

  1. Visit (new) reddit
  2. Open your Shields panel, set Cookie Control to Allow all cookies
  3. After the page reloads, login to your reddit account
  4. Once logged in, open your Shields panel and re-enable Cookie blocking (or set it to whatever your preferences is)

This should fix the issue you’re running into. If not let me know and we’ll try a couple more things.

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