Gemini & Uphold vs Brave

Anyone else notice that Gemini is obviously running similar to ALL of those TRX “cloud mining” scam websites (which later get dubbed and labeled Ponzi schemes), by forcing a big crypto or bank ACH / wire funds deposit just to “fully activate” a Gemini account? Also last I checked Gemini is directly connected to that failed company 3AC / 3 Arrows Capital. Hell Gemini even got hacked just a few days ago too, don’t believe me freaking check the haveIbeenpwned website for more info that Gemini was offically hacked on Friday 2 day ago

For that stuff alone Gemini is a massive black flag soaked in kerosene, that’s also on fire as far as I am concerned.

Has anyone also noticed that Uphold has been witholding BAT coins for a couple months now in combination of NEVER allowing private key access to any form of crypto in an Uphold account?:speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Uphold also now requires some completely BS W9 cappital gains tax forms on record for ALL accounts of USA peoples… :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:

So I feel even Uphold is going towards a black flag status at this time.

I very, very, very strongly feel due to the seemingly never ending fallout of the completely failed 3AC and all of it’s interconnected tendrils, that brave wallet immediately and outright deserves to make a comeback for use with Brave browser for the forseeable future!!!

Hell Gemini even got hacked just a few days ago too

The Gemini product security team sent out a notice that a third-party vendor was hacked, not Gemini themselves.

I also received an email from haveIbeenpwned and Brave is my only connection to Gemini.

Have you considered that it’s actually Brave that was hacked, leaking these Gemini credentials?

I do feel that if Brave knew it was hacked that they would inform / warn us such a nasty thing happened to them a d what we needed to do to protect overselves from said hackers.

I do honestly feel that Gemini locking ALL funds coming from Brave browser rewards, until a minimum of a $100 deposit from some external crypto address or a bank account was completed just to enable funds withdrawals, is part of why Gemini got hacked.

The other part is due to Gemini being a centralized crypto exchange.

I chose uphold over gemini for brave rewards initially because only uphold was supported on mobile. I never looked closely at gemini until much later. I have not had a single issue with uphold in the years I’ve been using them. I like that they don’t rely on trading pairs, don’t have their own platform token, don’t offer futures or any other “investment instruments”. The only complaint I have is that they don’t support on-chain withdrawals for every asset they offer, though they have expanded that list over time.

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