Please replace Uphold

Recently my uphold wallet was compromised. I called my BAT a loss (around $60 worth). I reached out to Uphold support and acknowledged it was my own fault and had updated the password and secured the account. I reached out only to inform them that the xrp address the person was transferring to was a hacker and that I had no expectations of recovering my crypto. They proceeded to ban my account and told me I would not be allowed to create a new one. I am from the United States and had completed full verification. REMOVE ALL CRYPTO from Uphold immediately as they basically can ban you at anytime and tell you to get lost. I have all emails regarding my conversation with Uphold if someone from Brave would like to reach out to me I will share this is all truth.

Gemini wallet is being tested in beta and nightly versions of Brave. So that will be coming shortly to give another option besides Uphold.

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