Linking uphold/gemini doesn't even work XD

Ok first lets start with the NON EXISTANT “SUPPORT”

you’d think a platform like this would actually idk HAVE SUPPORT AGENTS TO TAKE QUESTIONS INSTEAD OF HAVING TO POST ON A FORUM

and its topped off by the terrible service they provide, i go to link my gemini to my brave wallet and nope i get

"Trouble connecting " every single time for no reason what so ever other than braverewards is a total JOKE, same with their tap rewards that DOESNT EVEN WORK XD.

at this point brave should just shut down or pay the people having issues cause they clearly don’t know how to fix their own platform and its pitiful.

used to like the bravebrowser for both the rewards/ browsing with it
but now it seems they’ve given up on it and probably stolen peoples money along with it most likely.

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absolutely pathetic coming from this platform. get your stuff together clowns.

i see you also block cuss words XD yall are completely WEAK

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@SaltyBanana @chriscat could you look into this ? Thanks!

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