Gemini or Uphold... which to choose?

I would like you to give me opinions on these two wallets, which one to use? which is better? what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Well, of the two Uphold has been used longer and tends to have fewer issues.

Gemini has been liked by much of the community since it came out and people claim they feel safer using it compared to Uphold. That said, I’ve noticed more issues where payments were delayed or not received by people using Gemini.

I forget options, but I think people have said Gemini lets you do a lot more compared to Uphold as well, in terms of investments and everything.

Personally, I’ve been sticking to Uphold and been happy. That said, majority of Users would likely say to use Gemini.

It would be nice if Uphold added staking for BAT.

How to transfer from Uphold to another Wallet…???


I deleted my first comment, I realized that I had written a huge mistake. Sorry!

I am in Europe and more precisely in France. I haven’t created a wallet yet, because my arrival is recent. I use the Brave wallet, which seems to me to be expanding little by little.

I did “some” research, to tell the truth, I “plank like crazy” as they say at home, before daring to take the plunge! I can’t say if the opinions I’ve read on UpHold are European or from the American continent, but some have had serious problems with losing earnings with UpHold.

Well, I don’t think it was about Bat wallets or related to Brave, but I could be wrong, since the person was talking about a range of $25,000 to $30,000.
UpHold assistance is only done via files and Emails. UpHold replied “that he must have given his keys to someone and that he had no possible recourse”.

Both platforms are in the United States, anyway.
From the reviews I’ve read, Gemini seems easier to use, especially as a novice, but offers fewer possibilities than UpHold.

I follow the subject with great interest.

See you soon.

Gemini doesn’t offer earn cause we are in unsupported regions (I’m italian) but give us the possibility to withdraw free 10 times a month, in this way you can send your money everywhere. Also Uphold defrauded several users according to the brave community.

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So Uphold always charges for transferring and Gemini doesn’t???

Of the 192 countries where Brave is available, custodial wallets (Upholad and Gemini, and Bitflyer in Japan), are only supported in 42 countries!

I have used both and now happily on Gemini. If I have had any problems I could get in touch with them quite easily by email and they were very helpful in all areas. I did not have the same response or customer support with Uphold so in my honest opinion, having used both, I will not be moving from Gemini.

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Hi @mihol171.

Gemini supports Italy.

They support countries of the entire continent, which are not necessarily part of the EEC, but strangely nothing for France.
Perhaps the politics and economic laws of my territory.

I hope that will change soon, or that Brave will allow me to directly access it soon.

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