When will Gemini work again?

I spent a ton of my brave tokens transferring from Uphold to Gemini awhile back because uphold was atrocious to deal with.

Nobody knows. Maybe never. Read PSA: Known issue with Gemini (Gemini is down)

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Oh idc about Gemini if we’re going to the native brave wallet, that would be awesome! Was hoping for that since the beginning! Tyvm

Hi - Thanks for all this data here helpful. BUT, since May '23 i’ve not received any funds. I’ve had the DEAD Gemini issue since that date. IF I move from Gemini to Uphold or Brave Wallet, will my funds due to me for the last 10 months transfer to that new Wallet? What do you suggest for someone in my shoes?

Is the consensus to abandon Gemini and focus on maintaining the brave wallet?
Also, should I pay the gas fee and move my BAT coin back to my wallet?

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