Full Screen Mode in Youtube not working properly in Linux Mint

Hello :slight_smile:
i just installed linux mint and brave browser and found that the full screen mode in youtube is not working properly (see pic above) - it always makes the browser window smaller and puts it in the left upper corner. I found out that it is connected to the system setting ‘Font Size’ - as i’m a bit further away from my monitor i have to set the font size to a bigger level - as soon as i make the font size bigger full screen mode in youtube is not working properly anymore, tough it does in firefox. Any idea how to fix that?
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Hi @shiftshaper, welcome to Community!

Can you confirm if you’re using Brave, would you be able to provide us with another screenshot of the issue? In the one you sent, it looks like you’re using Firefox. If you’re also experiencing this problem with Firefox, it may be an issue with your setup and not Brave.

Thanks for the reply Aa-ron!
Actually you gave me the sollution already with your reply :slight_smile:
I’ll explain: The screenshot i sent was from brave browser - the icons you see on the picture in the upper left corner are from the youtube video i watched and i had my icons on auto-hide. i just found out that auto-hide was also the problem - if i have auto-hide turned on, then youtube videos will not show properly in brave browser, but if i turn it off they work fine.
Nevertheless i think this is a bug in brave browser, as in firefox i can also see youtube videos in full screen when auto-hide is turned on.

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