Youtube constantly buffering in windowed mode (on Mint)

Hi folks, recent brave Brave convert! :wink: (well, have been using it on my droid for a year or so).
So I decided to replace Chrome with Brave on all my PCs.

On my old HP Elitebook840 G3 (8GB RAM, SSD, latest MInt), which ran utoob videos just fine on Chrome, I now find that it struggles with 1080p, but only in windowed mode, which is odd. Every 3 or 4 seconds it pauses to buffer (or so it seems), for about a full second. In full screen mode it’s fine. The video is actually buffered well ahead as far as the bar shows.
I’m using all the same extensions for Brave as I did on Chrome. I’ve disabled AdBLocker and all other extensions, no difference. I’ve enabled/disabled all the performance settings as per several sites/videos on the topic, and also disabled Brave Shields for youtube, still no cigar.

Any/all advice and help much appreciated in advance.

Hello @Nostromo

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Can you please try creating a new browser profile (Menu --> Create profile ) and see if the issue persist?

Let us know if that helps!

Thanks Alice, will give that a try.

Robert M.

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