Youtube will freeze on fullscreen

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Brave V1.15.72 and Beta V1.16.56
Full screen will not work and then freeze, then to work again I have to close on the task bar, to then reopen and watch on the small or regular size window.
Linux Mint 18.3, updated every day and set to 2 hour rescan.
I an on the same system from my previous posts.

Thank You your help was great last time I don’t know of any screen shots to sent doesn’t seem likely.
I you use Brave for youtube and email my main and Beta for twitter, gab Dlive
it also does not got fullscreen, then freezes.

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Hello @750guzzi

could you disable hardware acceleration ?

or disable all extension ? if it work then re enable them one by one till you get the one that cause the issue

or use it in private mode ? if it work then there cache issue try to clear it

or try a combination of all of that

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I disabled hardeware accleration and it worked!!!
Thank You

fyi I have no extensions, removed them long ago
about once a month I clear out the cookies and history, if that is what you mean by cache

Thanks again

glad to know it work and you welcome

and yes that what i mean by cache and it always good to remove them after a while

you welcome and have a nice day

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