Focus on the actual browser!

Hello brave team, how about focusing the efforts on the actual browser and it’s features than flooding changelogs with crypto stuff. It’s embarrassing how much changelogs are filled with changes related to rewards and wallet. What about the browser? It doesn’t even have a reader mode on android yet and on pc it works on some website and then not work on others, there is no screenshot tool, UI is still unpleasant and clunky at times, you haven’t figured out sync yet that 25th word changes unnecessarily, and how about adding some actual productivity tools to browser? All I see in changelogs is bats, wallet, NFT and crapware most of us don’t care about! For god’s sake please add the necessary features that a “browser” needs and once the browser matures then you can focus more on these crypto stuff. I hope you guys take this in good light. Thanks! @Mattches

It has a reader mode. Go to settings → Accessibility → Simplified view for web pages

That works very randomly. Works on few websites but doesn’t work on lot of websites.

That has more to do with how companies set up their sites than with Brave’s reader mode. I’ve noticed that not all pages can utilize reader mode in Firefox, Brave, and Vivaldi.