One-button disable of money-related, non-browsing features: Crypto Wallets, Rewards, Cards, and Sponsored Images

I understand the reason why you include the money-related features, but the reason I use Brave is privacy. I want a privacy-minded, light, plain, elegant browser. The first thing I do after installing Brave is disable everything that does not help my browsing experience, including the Crypto Wallets (!), Rewards, Cards, and Sponsored Images. I want my browser to be plain vanilla, not tacky and full of features that are unnecessary for browsing.

Please, do not enable any of these “features” by default, and make it easy for me to disable all of them in one place, preferably with one click. Nothing related to them should be running in the background.

If you must add these to the browser, and make it heavier and more complex in the process, then let me install them as extensions from the web store. Making them part of the browser just cheapens it.

You have a good product, stop making it worse. Please.
Thank you!

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Absolutely agreed. For a browser that prides itself on privacy, these should not be on by default. Users should know about these things, but not because they’re shoved in front of them. I see there’s no response after 11 days, so hopefully my comment bumps this thread.