Not Very Brave Browser

It’s that time. Many of us have been there, it’s time to break it off.

Having Admin’d a full on forum community for many years I believe I’m qualified to comment. When I say that getting little/no response after 3 attempts (spanning a year) for what should be a simple matter is not good enough by any standard. Somebody in the Devs/Admin/Mods team could at least have said they would look into it.

Concerning all the new ‘features’ as is said elsewhere, one persons feature is anothers bloat. Would it be that hard to provide a choice for additional modules upon installation and during updates. No it would not as other applications have been doing so for years. Therefore I can conclude the Devs don’t want to provide any such options for users. I do not want Crypto, nor Skynet, nor the silly animated download button among other things.
And I keep my bookmarks in subfolders for a @&#$?&! reason!

Some people are happy to follow and others prefer to be descerning. Yet for the life of me, after 45 years in business the majority of larger concerns are clueless to the fact that you can keep both groups happy and benefit from doing so.

Goodbye (not very) Brave.

Ps Mods if you delete this please also expunge my account. Thanks.

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Skynet? we’re not “skynet” or anything close to this, If you don’t like rewards, just disable it and and just continue with using the browser.

What issue is this?

Skynet = AI

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That unnesting bookmark thing never happened to me