Feedback rant on Brave!

I hope developers are reading this:-

  • Brave is becoming a pop-up festival and its very annoying. I can no longer recommend to others. popups for joining BAT, popups for making Brave Search your default search(which takes half the page thats the biggest popup ever) , annoying popup to make add things to your Brave Playlist, …popup popup popuppopuppopup

  • I understand you need to push the BAT thing because its how you make money but I am not interested in watching ads, I am interested in having an alternative to Google and Microsoft privacy sucking evil products. If you allow me to buy the browser I would do it and I rather not get the BAT triangle icon taking space in my toolbar and getting the popups to join.

  • Searching YouTube on iOS I get YouTube ads, have you whitelisted Google trackers? this is not ethical if so.

  • There is some annoying bug or thing on Brave iOS , if you keep tabs open on youtube search query or a youtube video after sometime it loses it and reloads the tab to youtube’s home page making you lose your opened tab basically. very frustrating.

  • request: I wish you would allow to disable the built in adblocker enitrely so we have a choice to use another adblocker like ublock origin and not have to run both.

i hope my criticism is constructive

Strange. I don’t get these pop-ups. Can you share a screenshot.

  • To remove BAT triangle, go to brave://settings/appearance and toggle on Hide Brave Rewards button.

  • To disable ad-blocking, go to brave://settings/shields and disable all options.

  • Your problem with Youtube on iOS need more clarification.

Thanks for the BAT triangle tip.

Here Adblocker no effective on YouTube

here the humongous notice to make Brave your default search engine

here a popup to add video to playlist. I know you can disable it in the settings but having it ON by default is annoying

here you see a YouTube tab open to a specific video or a search query. Now its cleared from RAM and needs to reload, Once it reloads, it reloads to the YouTube Home page not to the search query “ex. coffee and its results” or a specific video you have been watching.

@Mattches Please see this. Meanwhile @Kraft share your Brave version found here brave://version (first 3 lines).

this is latest iOS version

A lot to unpack here – I’ll do my best to address all your points:

I do understand how that can be frustrating. However, we want people to try/test new features and users often come in many shapes, sizes and skill levels. A user who is not particularly technically inclined may very easily completely miss or never learn about a feature if they were not notified about it. So while I think there may be a conversation to be had here about frequency of pop-ups/notifications of this variety, the idea of eliminating them is simply not possible.

More importantly than that, for the advanced/technical users such as yourself, you’re smart enough to figure out that you can simply turn them off. You even noted:

If this was off by default, then users would be coming here saying/asking “I couldn’t figure out how to add a YT video to my playlist – there should be a button that allows you to add the video to my playlist directly.” So while I again understand the potential frustration it can cause, since you’re smart enough to simply toggle all these options off (or on) to your liking, this particular point won’t gain much traction.

Almost the same situation here as your previous question. If you don’t like/care about BAT, don’t use it. Don’t like seeing the BAT icon in the address bar? Hide it (Settings --> Appearance --> Hide Brave Rewards icon).

Nope. Youtube is quite good at finding new/tricky ways to sneak ads through ad blockers/filters. The best we – and anyone for that matter – can do is update and adapt to them as quickly as possible. As such, I’ve informed our web compat. team about this so they can take a look and see what is allowing these ads to get through.

Can you please open a new thread here on Community and in the form of an official bug report?

You can already do this. To tun Shields protections off for all sites, go to Settings --> Shields – these are the default protections in place when you visit a website. If you set these protections to Disabled, Shields will not be active on the site and you can elect to use uBO or whatever you’d like.


thanks for the reply,
please note that I did not know that you can turn off the BAT triangle, the add to playlist popup, or that there was an option deep in the shields settings to disable universal links on iOS which is the most annoying thing(universal links) ever. Some one brought it to my attention.

So just like there are people who do not know about the features-which is understandable- there are people like me who did not know you can turn off popups or specific GUI elements like me.

I would like to thank your efforts and the rest of the Brave team to make a privacy alternative to evil Big Tech. and that my feedback is supposed to be constructive criticism to improve Brave and is not ungrateful nagging from a free app user despite the title of the thread. Please consider having other means of income as I would like to pay for Brave to help support it its just crypto and BAT is not for me, something more like a Brave license.


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