Brave Pop Up Ads!

Recently, I started getting pop up ads that say they are from Brave. I searched online and see that several people are complaining now that Brave is showing pop up ads in the browser. I am getting 2-3 a day. The reason I moved to Brave was because I didn’t want pop up ads or ads at all.

Is there a way to disable these pop up ads from showing up in Brave? I saw some posts where people are talking about maybe being able to move them to the lower right corner but I don’t want them at all. Is there a way to disable them?

If there is not a way to disable them, please just respond and let me know and I will migrate back to Opera so I am not wasting my time nor yours on this issue. I just want to know if they can be disabled somehow.

I moved over to Brave because it is a very fast browser and does a great job of blocking ads. However, if Brave is going to display ads, I will just go back to Opera. Although Opera doesn’t do as good of a job as blocking ads, it’s close enough.

Please advise and thank you.

You mean the ad banners? If so, then that’s because you enabled Rewards. You just need to go into your settings and to Rewards, then shut it off. I mean, for them to appear, it means you or someone else on your device had to opt into it.

No unfortunately that’s not it. I do not have Brave rewards enabled and I checked it again to be sure. When I go into Brave rewards, it says it’s disabled. I think these are ads that show
outside the brave rewards system that are new.

@smccarthy945 if you could, a screenshot of one of these ads could be useful. Curious if you’re seeing New Tab Page ones, actual notifications, or what?

That will be one of the missing details to know specifically what you’re seeing and if it’s intentional or even if it is indeed from Brave.

I have attached a pop up I got today.

That appears to be a pop-up baked into the site from DDG — not from Brave. It’s also not an “ad” in the traditional sense. Looks like a script built into their site that looks for people who landed on the site that aren’t using DDG browser and if so, shows the pop-up.

I see it on my end as well and if I change the Block ads & trackers setting in Shields to Aggressive (which would block both first party and third party ads on the site) the message is still displayed. You can also test this in other browsers and observe that this message is displayed there as well.

If there are other ads that you’re seeing, please share screenshots of them as well so we can determine whether or not they are coming from us (which is unlikely, since you have Rewards/Brave Ads disabled) or from the sites you’re visiting, as per the one on DDG.

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