"The Invasion Of The Unwanted Adverts" has arrived: unwanted pop ups will cause you to loose users FAST

What a pile of rubbish Brave just became with the last update just 20 minutes ago.

Now I get pop ups on many pages I visit (not all, but many). I have pop ups turned off for these sites, I do not use the Brave wallet, nor do I ever intend to use the BAT tokens.

Brave was literally the best browser ever before this last update, but if this is not fixed I (and many others I am certain) will go back to Firefox to escape “The Invasion Of The Unwanted Adverts”.

If it’s now Brave’s position that they show literally everyone their adverts and only those who choose to opt into the BAT token scheme get any reward for it, then Brave just became a sell out, a useless browser with no use for those who do not care for any form of advertising, or, in simpler terms, a free browsing pariah.

I, and thousands upon thousands of others will not stand for a browser which claims to offer privacy, yet insists on showing invasive, unwanted, utterly irrelevant adverts.

Please, change this, or, as far as I care, go and sink into oblivion.

Sorry for the tone - but this has just seriously pissed me off.

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