Unwanted Pop Ups

I have started to get small pop up ads about crypto currencies appearing in the top right corner of some (but not all) of the websites I visit. Why is this happening and can it be stopped.


I literally made an account because of this. Its really pissing me off… I’ve been using brave for years im very close to switching back to firefox if this isn’t fixed ASAP


Same here made an account for this annoyance.

I had to disable Brave ads because of this new delivery method which is very obtrusive.

I hope they remove this soon.


Andy, I believe that if you turn off Brave ads this pop-ups should go away.

It seems to be a new ad delivery method.


they just moved ads from pop up at the bottom corner to the top corner–I liked it better at the bottom but change always takes time to get used too…those ads are how you earn BAT

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It does sound like you’re describing Brave Ads. Can you please try disabling them (Settings --> Brave Rewards --> Ads)and see if they are in fact the pop-ups you’re seeing? You can also send a screenshot of the pop-up and share it here if you’d like.

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Wait this isnt a bug and is actually a feature? Holy shenanegans, intrusive ads before a VPN, guys please make brave aware of sugma and ligma.

Honestly I thought it was malware, hoping it is because that would hurt less.

U brave poopyheads. why would u do this ron, i luved u ron.

fix it d1x.


I have never seen these ads and I am using Beta. Perhaps it is because I and alot of other users simply use Brave as a Browser and never have had BAT or ADs from day 1.

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I’m also here to report these.

I run dual monitors, and have brave on both.

However, if I’m watching something on VLC fullscreen - the ads are appearing on top of my VLC session. :frowning:


I also created an account to figure out how to get rid of these unwanted popups. I disabled brave ads as suggested and am hoping it goes away. I was unaware of brave ads.


+1 created an account just for this.

This is so intrusive I disabled ads. Forcing popup ads on your end users without any notification the change is coming. I thought it was malware…

What happened Brave??? This seems completely against the Brave ethos


I turnt off brave reward >> and ads, I hope it works, cos that was totally annoying!


To be clear – this is how it’s always been. If you have enabled Brave Rewards, Ads is toggled on with it and has since their inception. Note that we’re not forcing anything on any of our users, Ads are completely optional and can be opted out of. Further, you have to opt into Brave Rewards initially to have Ads enabled at all.

So if you don’t like Brave Ads – great, no worries. Disable them in settings and you won’t have to worry about them again.

I don’t mind brave ads.

I interact with a few (which surprises me tbh)

It’s this OS level popup, in front of a different application, on the wrong monitor. It’s a bit extreme.


We are moving to custom ad notifications shortly which do not use the OS level notification system and can be moved to any position on the screen (and any monitor), which will be remembered for any subsequent ads.

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Sorry to correct you, but this was not how it has always been.

The pop-up ad delivery method started only few days ago. It is an eye sore and intrusive. Previously I used to have the brave ads on to do my part, but I have completely turned it off now to stop these pop-ups.


I have noticed that recently too. I better get paid more for those pop-ups otherwise it’s better to switch back to other browsers and just run Adblock. Don’t get greedy on me.


I am also getting the small pop up ads and I do not like them. I did disable Brave Ads but this little pop up still shows up. How can they be permanently turned off? Thank you.

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I’m not sure I understand. You’re saying that you’ve had Brave Ads enabled prior to this but have never actually seen the ads?

If that’s the case, then there was likely a system setting configured incorrectly that prevented ads from appearing. Because as you can see in this document (which will be updated shortly to reflect the new custom ad notifications), Ads have always been “pop-up” ads displayed as system notifications:

So my assumption here is that:

  • You had Brave Ads enabled
  • There was an OS or browser (likely OS) setting that was configured incorrectly preventing ads from appearing
  • We recently switched from OS level notifications to custom ad notifications that are now showing because that setting that prevented them from showing before is no longer relevant.

Note that you can adjust the position of these ads (drag and drop) on your screen so that they will be displayed in a more convenient place on-screen and you can also adjust the frequency of Ads displayed (Settings --> Brave Rewards --> Ads).

hi @Mattches I also just created an account for this issue. I have not changed any settings. I just suddenly started seeing the pop-up. And everybody else here is saying the same thing. But you are still trying to tell all of us, who many just created an account for this, that it has always been this way. Thats not logical.

I have been using Brave for about one year and I have never seen any pop up ads, but I have still received BAT.

Attaching a screenshot of the ad.

Your endusers are telling you that something is wrong. Instead of telling us that we are wrong, I think the Brave Support team should instead be saying “ok thank you for letting us know. We are looking into it.” That would be better customer service.