[Feature Request] Accept Decimal Network ID, and Provide Well-Known Networks

For the new Brave Wallet, I recommend that the process for adding new networks be enhanced in the following ways:

  1. Accept the decimal version of network IDs. Most resources communicate the decimal version. And many people won’t understand how to convert them into the hex version.

  2. Provide a list of well-known networks to add, so people don’t have to go look them up and do the manual entry.

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Workaround: go to anyswap and click on each network in order to add them to to the Networks that way

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Great workaround tip!

I don’t understand how this works.

Feature request issue logged


Thanks! Any thoughts on accepting both decimal and hex IDs too, for cases when custom network providers are still needed?

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Will definitely be considered and make it easy once the design are spec’d out

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Is it that hard to have the Network ID field detect for hex or decimal values?

no, it isn’t. if there’s a leading 0x it’s hex, otherwise decimal

FYI - That’s already added but just missed the cut-off for the current hotfix that was just released. It’ll be in the next release though.

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Good! Thanks for the information, Brian.

FYI - That’s deployed now, you can use decimal numbers when editing the chain now.
It’s int he latest Brave hotfix 1.32.115

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