[Feature Request] Allow Removal of Test Networks

In the new Brave Wallet, I recommend that you allow users to remove test networks. For most of us, that’s just clutter that obfuscates the visibility of the networks that we care about.

Better yet, don’t include the test networks by default. Put them in a list of well-known networks that the user can choose to add.


The Network management UX could use some polish: you can’t add/remove or edit a network from the wallet screen like on the old wallet, you need to go through Settings (if you find it as there’s no indication on where to go) and even then you can only add custom networks. You can’t remove them and to edit them you have to add a new one with the same chain ID as the one you want to edit.
The new wallet does not import existing networks, might be a technical limitation?

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For discoverability of the custom networks list I added an issue here:

For hiding built-in networks, I posted here:

Thanks, Brian. I’ll look forward to it.

https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/19763 is live on today’s release 1.35.100