[Feature Request] Smart Lookup for Network Providers

[The new brave wallet displays the balance of non-Ethereum networks incorrectly. For example, when connected to Avalanche, it shows AVAX balance with the decimal shifted 10 digits to the right. The same happens on the Binance Smart Chain.]

UPDATE: As indicated below, this isn’t actually a bug. It was a problem with how the decimals were configured for the networks. But this is still a good candidate for an enhancement. Many people will make configuration mistakes like this. It would be better to allow people to choose from well-known networks to add.

can’t reproduce. Did you enter the network decimals correctly when you entered the network? Try the anyswap workaround I mentioned in your other thread

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Good call. It was a problem with the decimal configuration. So it’s not a bug, but rather a good candidate for a feature enhancement. Thanks!


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