Experiments: Download Bubble doesnt appear

I did nothing and the download mode i use to had dissapear, and now the downside bar doesnt appear (witch was great).
Investigating i find that i should activate a option called Bubble download on brave://flags/ but it doesnt appear


Old download bar is getting removed from Chromium code so that’s why it’s not working anymore. Every Chromium-based browser will have download bubble instead.

and why i can use it on chrome but no on Brave?

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Came here for the same reason, i dislike bubble immensely

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Been using Brave for a long time now, (yes I know I just signed up) and I really hate the download bubble at the top of the browser, I prefer to see my downloads not some little download at the top of the screen where I can see it flash in the corner of my view (using ultra wide screen btw)… can’t they just keep that code in even tho it’s being removed? I want the downloads to apper in the “taskbar” style ffs


yes i agree, the download bar on the bottom was very beautiful

and also if “Failed-Network Error” seems to happen for some files when you are downloading 20+ files simultaneously, you could easily notice errors in real time on the bottom download bar for those which fails and could resume them instantly.

This is something which i consider inferior in the new bubble feature as everything will be hidden. For example if you download 10+files and 2 files got “Failed-Network Error” and by seeing the green progress bar across the icon of brave browser in the taskbar, you would be thinking all download progress are going on smoothly but in reality 2 would have been stuck with Failed-Network error which will either eventually end up consuming more time to get them downloaded OR you might even never knew about this error has actually occurred ->> if you dont check brave://downloads more often just to make sure everything which you downloaded got finished…

Download bar at bottom was awesome as there would be no need to manually cross check whether all the downloading tasks has been finished successfully or not

Im still on windows 8.1 and everything works just like magic…i feel sad for the other users, i certainly dont like how brave mindlessly following whatever chromium team does and takes no measure to stop it… for example, the lock icon on the address bar

the newer icon which i checked on my windows 11 VM feels like the data is being sent left and right… these are the only 2 things which i dont like about brave browser’s latest version…other than these flaws, Brave browser is Excellent.


I really hope the Download Bar comes back, the download bubble is so uncomfortable to use, and there is no way to know if the downloads are over without explicitly checking the bubble.


Any workaround or extension to bring it back? This download bubble get focused from time to time preventing me from keep using the keyboard. I have to use the mouse to force focus on what I already was doing.


2 options available right now,

Solution 1

Brave team understanding this issue and working on providing a solution

Solution 2

Try this method posted here, It will work

if you are overly concerned about using older brave version, i am using 8+ months older version of version, chromium 109 and V1.47.186 and everything still works perfectly.

Chromium 109 → windows 8.1/7
Chromium 119 → Windows 10/11
Chromium 130 → Windows 12

thing is newer versions of chromium may have new features similar to what windows 10/11 seem to have but the base features will continue to work. For Example, Windows 8.1/7 could do most of the things windows 11 can do.

This won’t work for you if you are the type of person who wants to have whatever is latest and wants to have access to everything but if you are looking for a quick solution to fix this problem, this is the currently available solution for the moment if you want to get back what you are missing.


I did what EragonArgetlam said in here


Thank you! Tried and it works like a charm!


Yep, you are right, the whole reason for the taskbar download area is to keep an eye on downloads, hence the reason why it’s the best…
And that, Brave is not like the others so why do they have to follow suit? I thought this is what set them apart from others, built in ad blocker, don’t have to use some crap that in a months time they start asking for a payment of some sort to get a full version of it… Waste my time…

Awesome dude, thought I’d never see that again.
Tried the flag option but there’s nothing regarding downloads that matter.


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Very nice this worked, thanks

Looks like this has been removed completely in Beta, even using the shortcut target field hack doesn’t work. So frustrating, who actually likes the new style?

Sorry to see you don’t like this feature, it’s also not Looking good for me aswell…

I think only very few people use Brave beta, Once it gets updated to Stable Release, More people will complain about this and then maybe Brave will change their Mindset about their decision of following the crowd of doing something Just because Everyone else is doing it…

FYI, Brave team Clearly knows how to manually add custom flags into the latest build which will get this download feature back Real Quick,->>>>> It’s all about the mindset and i assume Brave thinks they may appear as Luddite if every chromium based browsers removed the Bottom download shelf and only Brave still continues to have this feature… It’s Painful to see that stigma being associated with Brave team… Let’s see how things will Evolve while the removal effect has been felt by people who are still using it on Stable Release…

Personally, while this could be a more concerning issue, What i am Really upset is that they Stopped updating vertical tabs as there are no features being introduced and also the thick/white vertical line feels very distracting so i had turn off Brave’s Native Vertical tabs altogether…

After doing some search, it’s safe to say im not the only one who feels upset about this design…

They could Either fix the issue or Allow chrome extensions to be replaced as vertical tabs manager so that in a way If i use vertical tabs extension, only that vertical tabs extension will work and the brave’s own vertical tabs and horizontal tabs could be hidden…

Hopefully Brave Gives Brave wallet a small break and work on fixing vertical tabs and adding this download feature back… Samsung Engineer has Confirmed that the Main reason why vertical or horizontal lines may occur on TV as TV ages is mostly due to overheating which is mainly caused by having Backlight/Brightness full at all times and im sure many people who(gets) faces(d) this issue has that Habit of keeping backlight/Brightness full and using it Continously for 8+ hours Straight without Giving it a break(by turning it off and Letting the panel cool down), I say this because i already faced this issue on Samsung TV and Ended up Replacing the Panel to Get the issue fixed… I was using High Backlight/brightness most of the times, Now if i had to use tv Continuously for 9+ hours Straight, I Make sure to use it with Backlight and Brightness being reduced fully, Trying to use Black/dark mode on most of the websites whenever its possible and also SStorm2 high speed pedestal fan sending wind/air directly to the TV’s panel…

Now, I am Mostly Using High brightness/backlight Only While watching movies and Keeping the Brightness/Backlight low while Browsing/writing…etc

I could take all these measures But the brave design team’s lack of attention to offer a fix for this vertical tabs persistent white line issue makes me think my Samsung TV has gotten that vertical line issue wherein reality it’s not…

I Will Make a Separate post about this issue at the end of this Weekend…

I just updated to Version 1.62.153 Chromium: 121.0.6167.85 (64-bit) and the download bar is gone, even using the shortcut target field thing.
This is a sad day.

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Thanks God.

Has anyone found a way to restore the download bar on the latest versions of Brave?

Looks like any way to do it has been removed. Our only hope now is Brave developers figure out a workaround Chromium’s code to implement it. Not sure how difficult it is, I just know the current way is super annoying.