Download bar missing again

You unfortunately decided to get rid of the option to use the former download bar.

My feedback on this is: unbelievable bad decision. The download bubble is annoying as hell and not at all useful to me.

Pls bring back the bottom bar as the download bubble is seriously diminishing my work flow and i don’t want to switch to another browser if not necessary.


Yes please.

What is with software always being fine for years and then they just have to start ripping out features that made life easy, then I have to go waste time searching about it and finding out the devs gave us all the middle finger and it’s completely broken?

To provide some constructive criticism, personally I liked the bar because I sometimes need to download large files and wait on them, then I’ll switch tasks and work on something else, and come back later and seeing the bar reminds me what I was doing. Now it’s gone.

Not to mention the various other benefits people have already mentioned. Drag and drop was great.

I just don’t understand. Was it such a problem to just leave this alone, or at least leave the option for us to change it to our own personal preference?

This has already been reported several times — we’ve opened an issue to track such requests here: