Download Bar / Bubble options

The Download Bar at the bottom is familiar and straight forward for anyone who grew up using internet browsers in the early 2000s. I understand why some people prefer the download bubble. Is there a particular reason we can’t have both options officially in the settings? The Flag I used to re-enable the Download Bar is now gone, why?

Please bring back the Download Bar as an option in some capacity.

I agree. The bubble is really inconvenient, and having an option between the bubble or bar would be great.

I got the bar back by editing the shortcut’s target, but this will probably be going away soon, so I hope Brave can add this feature that Chromium got rid of it.

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Can you please elaborate on what that means How do you change the shortcuts target ?

I just made a community account just to vote / comment on this. I’ve been a Brave user / evangelist for several years now, particularly because it’s very configurable. This is another option that should be configurable.

I prefer the download bar because it allows me to download several documents in quick succession and then open then one by one in the order of my choosing, without an additional click to open a window that overlays over the site I’m using. The download bar is convenient and out of the way, rather than blocking content on the top right of the screen.


I feel the same way. The download bar has been here for years, but not just have it be optional?

Download bar was better because i could see multiple downloads at once without clicking something

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See more here:

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For the time being this is the solution.


Feature request for this — feel free to comment on the issue in Github as well and let the devs know there’s demand for it:

I have joined up purely to add my voice to those asking to have the choice between the download bad and the awful bubble reinstated.