Understanding Browser technology, Is Brave Browser more sort of like Music Player and websites are more like music tracks?

almost 3 months is going to end and brave is working perfectly on my windows 8.1, it makes me feel like as if im using the latest version even though its not… only thing that bonus in changelog was that message "upgraded to chromium … … … … " but again even missing that didnt bother me as there hasnt been nothing much new introduced… one good example is the lack of grouping updates, its like chromium team often release something but never fully care about updating it anymore further…

here is an example…


here as you can see, grouping feature is introduced, but never given any more updates to it… like if we have opened multiple windows like 6 or 7 windows and had one specific site opened in all of the windows, in a new update, there should have been a option like “pull all tabs of this site in separate window” but there has been nothing introduced so i stopped caring and security updates is more like gimmick term, i dont care, brave shields are working perfectly and thats all i want

so now, coming to the topic, i thought some websites will end up stop loading perfectly without chromium updates but i was wrong as there is no websites which has shown an error, everything works even without updates, where this behavior brings my question, is the chromium based updates not important for websites to work ? are websites more like music tracks and brave browser more like music player ? so that no matter what kind of new technologies is used to make edm music tracks, a basic music player can play it well if it has flac codec playing capabilities installed… is this also same for web and browser tech ? does brave already have attained this state ? no need of new updates for me, i have even deleted windows 11 vm environment due to the perfection of windows 8.1 experience of using outdated browser… i was curious to know whether the understanding of this analogy was right.

@scavxo Updates are done to improve performance, increase security, and to add new features. It never just “breaks” in terms of you not being able to surf the internet.

What this means is when you don’t keep it updated, you increase the chance of you getting malware, viruses, and/or even being hacked. You also will tend to miss out on things, such as how Brave just rolled out Brave VPN but your browser version wouldn’t have this. You also would not be able to participate in Brave Rewards.

The same can be said of extensions and all, which may no longer be able to work with older browsers as their code is update to try to work with new browsers. Eventually those types of things get phased out.